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Forth Coming Teaching & Training Courses

Chennai - yorkshire FRCR 2B Teaching course - Jan - Feb 2020

( coimbined course with AINTREE FRCR Teaching program )

Coimbatore VIVA RAD for FRCR 2B August 25th 2019

Please email chennaifrcr@gmail.com for registration form.

Short Term / Long Term Training and Teaching programs in Radiology & Imaging

@ Coimbatore – For Radiologists & Radiology Residents only; Training fees and GST will apply. Stipend will be given for long term programs.

Foundation / Intermediate courses:

  • MRI – General (1FD - MRI) - (One month/ 6 months / One year)
  • CT – General (1FD – CT) – (One month / 6 months / One year)
  • Cross sectional imaging (6 months/ One year) – all modalities

Focused training courses:

  • MRI Joints (1MSK – One month)
  • MSK Ultrasound (2MSK – One month)
  • Spine MRI (3S- One month)
  • Head & Neck Imaging (CT/MR/USG/Procedures) – (4HN – 2 months)
  • Neuro MRI and CT (5N – 1 month)
  • Basics of Radiology – Plain Radiographs & contrast procedures/ Techniques (6B – 1 month)
  • Training @ Aran Diagnostic Imaging, RS puram, Coimbatore.
  • Access to all lectures by Dr A Anbarasu & colleagues (with permission).
  • Teaching sessions thrice a week.
  • Discussions every day.
  • Opportunity to observe Image guided biopsy/ Drainage/ Arthrogram/ DCG/ Sialogram procedures and interpretation.
  • Access to books, articles and handouts.
  • Will be encouraged to do scientific and teaching papers and posters and research.
  • Hands on Training in Ultrasound areas (depending on the patient availability).
  • Scheduled timings (for one month course) 9 am to 530 pm.
  • Equipped with 1.5 T Avanto MRI, Multislice CT, 2 x ultrasound, X-ray.

The 29th CHENNAI YORKSHIRE FRCR 2b Teaching Course is now completed. With teaching by Leeds-Yorkshire Radiology Team and our Nationalfaculty, the candidates gained very valuable insight and understanding of the exam Stressed on "how to manage" the new changes related to automated examination format to be introduced for Rapid reporting and Long cases parts. Excellent feed back for the course, given by all candidates.

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